Who we are?

MajorEvents.com is a team of event enthusiasts that love to talk about some of the most prolific events in history.

Your source for major event information.

MajorEvents.com is a leading educational website about major events.  We have records from sporting events to political events to music events.

Sporting events

The history of MajorEvents.com started as just a company providing

 information for all major sporting events. Although we have expanded our reach into different types of events, we haven't forgotten our roots.

Political Events

Political events can cover a broad variety of categories.  Some of ours include Inaugurations, Elections, and Political Scandals.

Musicical Events

From results of Award shows to some major milestones in music history.

International's; Events

From World War I to Oktoberfest.  We cover a large scope of past and ongoing international events that made and still influence our world today.