Kentucky Derby Travel Packages

Churchill Downs | Louisville, KY

May 2, 2020

As part of, we are excited to offer you Event tickets, with the ability to package with the best pregame parties, City hotel accommodations, and more. Whether you're a fan supporting your team's quest for a title, a bucket list-er shooting for that once-in-a-lifetime experience, or a VP searching for the best way to say 'thank you' to a top corporate client, we have a wide variety of Event ticket and hotel packages to fit your exact needs


Finding a hotel room in Louisville during Derby can be a headache, but we’ve established a relationship with one the best hotels in the area so we can offer exclusive deals to Bucket List travelers. The Louisville Crowne Plaza Hotel is located minutes from the airport and Churchill Downs and is equipped with all of the modern facilities you could need during your stay in Louisville.


Restuarants in Louisville get crowded on Derby weekend.  There are many places to eat in Louisville to grab a bite to eat.  However, if you are set on a specific restaurant we suggest trying to get a reservation in advance.

Derby Parties

There many things you can do before you head to the track to watch the Derby.  The Barnstable Brown Party is where you are most likely to run into all kinds of celebrities. Hosted on Derby Eve, this party has hosted people such as Kid Rock, Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos and many more celebrities and business moguls.

Derby Shopping

When you are trying to pick your outfit for the derby, it is important to understand that the style may be different that you are use.  When it comes to derby hat styles for women, the bigger and crazier the better.  When it comes to suit colors for men, the more bright colors the better.